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I got exactly what I paid for.
by Janet Allyn
Initially, I called Roland's for a bid on repairs to my existing gravel roof. However, after consulting with my son, I decided to replace the old roof and upgrade to a metal roof. All the people I encountered at Roland's --Brian, Robert, Veronica, Claudia and the workmen who did the actual labor-- completed their work in a timely manner, have been accessible to me even after the work was finished and seemed to take pride in making this roof an asset to my home. Without a moment's hesitation, I would recommend them to my friends.

Fast, competent, clean.
by William Jones
Roland was one of four roofing companies we contacted when we needed the house reroofed. Their bid was competitive, but was not the low bid - nor was it the high. In addition to the roofing, the chimney mortar needed attention as did some rotting fascia board. Roland got the bid due to a couple of factors. We liked their responsiveness throughout the bid process and we liked the attention to detail on the bid. Once we contracted with them, the job was started within a week. The roof is large, but uncomplicated. The materials and crew showed up first thing in the morning and work started around 7:30 AM. We were very pleased with the quality of work done by the crew and how they were constantly cleaning up as they worked. I also appreciated the quality control shown by the crew when the project managers were not around. The job was completed in one day and I am very comfortable that it was done right. I've roofed a house before and these guys looked like they knew what they were doing and were determined to do it right. The cleanup was outstanding as they did multiple magnetic sweeps of the yard and were actually on their hands and knees picking up little pieces of debris. Our gardens do not show any wear and tear from the roofing job. I will recommend them to friends. Which, by the way, is how I found out about them.

A very happy experience and professional results
by Vince J
I discovered a leak just before Christmas called Rolands roofing a man came out we talked he asked me questions about the leak i told him what i thought he went and checked half an hour later he climbed down showed me photo's of the problem and explained why i had a leak even though my house is only ten years old the builder did such a poor job his company corrected all their mistakes for us and did it well. they were quick clean and very professional about it. and like the inspector said did the job the other part is they did it for the bid price. What a surprise. Great job.

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