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Roofing Insurance Claims in Texas

Roland's Roofing Will Help You With Your Roofing Insurance Claim

If you feel you have had home damage due to a storm, first call your insurance representative. If they assign you an adjuster right away, you can call us to be present to assess or wait for their results. Make sure and request a copy of your "worksheet."

Your worksheet is a packet of itemized coverages for your damage. This is what we will initially go over with you to make sure everything was covered properly. This is where we make the process easier for you. Most of these itemizations are not very straight forward. We will go through this paperwork with you and, if everything is in order, schedule your work as per the insurance worksheet.

If anything is off, we will address the insurance adjuster on your behalf and come to an agreement. Roland's Roofing, is a trusted company of all major insurance carriers. The insurance process is a good process to understand, and we will make sure you are comfortable with it. Request a free quote today!

We are preferred contractors of most major insurance companies and have worked with all insurance companies over nearly half a century. Whether it is a new-roof claim with USAA, shingle-blow-off claim with Allstate, or just basic roof repair maintenance that a Farmers Insurance agent advised you of, we can help.

USAA, Farmers, Allstate, Germania, The Hartford, Geico, Progressive.

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