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Deciding If a Carport Is Right for Your House

Parking your vehicle outside without any protection leaves it vulnerable to the elements. You probably want to protect your vehicle, and a carport is an ideal method for doing so. Carports range in size and style, so adding one to your property can be a benefit to your lifestyle. This guide will help you decide if a carport is the best addition for your home.
Basics of Carports
At the heart of it, a carport consists of four beams and a roof. Indeed, sometimes local codes specify that the carport must be completely open along two sides. What's more, carports can only be one story in height. The carport can be attached to the house or completely freestanding.
The sizing depends on how many vehicles you plan to store. Typically, the smallest dimensions are 12 feet by 20 feet. Any building materials can be used to construct a carport.
Benefits of Building a Carport
The greatest advantage of building a new carport is obvious — it protects your car from the weather. While wind can still blow a little dust onto the car depending on how open the carport is, the ceiling structure protects your car from rain, hail, and sleet. What's more, the sun can't beat down on your car, which keeps the paint and interior materials from fading.
Another benefit of keeping the sun off your car is it will be cooler when you get into it. Likewise, carports are usually adjacent to the house. Therefore, the roof will protect you from the weather as you get in your car. Indeed, the roof and proximity to the house offer more safety for getting out of the car at night.
Uses for a Carport
Naturally, you can store your car in a carport. However, if you have a boat, motorcycle, or other recreational vehicles, you can keep them protected with a carport, too.
Your vehicles aren't the only things that can utilize the protection of a carport. When it’s not being used, you or your family can use the structure for shade. In fact, the space under the roof could be a convenient place for children to play.
Finally, you can design your carport so that you can incorporate storage. Most likely this means you'll have at least one wall and you'll extend either the width or the length. You could devise built-in storage at the end or along one wall.
Carport vs. Garage
You may be thinking that once you add storage to the carport, you might as well look into building a garage attachment. The main difference between the two is that a garage incorporates three walls and the garage door to completely enclose the inside. At its most basic, a carport could simply be a pergola for your car.
If you want to be able to completely secure the inside, you'll need a garage. However, a garage is a costlier addition. What's more, a garage addition is much weightier visually. You'll have to take into consideration how it will affect the façade of your house. An added consideration is that carports are much simpler — and therefore quicker — to build than garages, especially for professionals.
Carport Style
A good rule of thumb for any home addition is to match the style. That's the best way to ensure cohesion between the two. That said, you can use the addition to artistically complement your house. So, let's say you have a modern-style house. You could have a sleek carport made out of metal and glass built to complement your home's façade.
It's also possible to incorporate the carport into your landscaping for a more seamless appearance. Since a carport is completely open on at least one side, you could design an attractive landscaping installation. This planting could include a decorative tree or shrub and even some hardscaping, such as a fountain or ornamental rocks.
Don't leave your vehicles outside in the rain. Protect them with a carport. Our team of builders at Roland's Roofing Co. Inc. can help you by constructing a carport. Give us a call to learn more.
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