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7 Reasons Asphalt Shingles Are Popular

Asphalt shingles are more than just popular, they're universal. Homeowners all over the United States turn to asphalt shingles when they need an affordable, durable, and versatile roofing material. Knowing the benefits of asphalt shingles can help you decide whether this roofing material is right for your roof.  

1. Durable

Asphalt is able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions including heat and cold, wind and rain. Although susceptible to damage from UV rays, asphalt granules on top help shade and protect the mat underneath. As long as the granules are in place, the shingles are protected from exposure to the sun's rays. 

2. Easy to Install

Some types of roofing materials are very heavy, and require the home to be reinforced before the roof can be installed. Asphalt roofing is not very heavy and therefore can be installed on nearly any residential roof that is structurally sound.

In addition, asphalt is flexible and can, therefore, conform to a roof of nearly any shape. For a standard roofer, installing asphalt shingles is straightforward and not as labor intensive as other types of roofing materials. 

3. Attractive

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of different colors, to match many different types of siding. This versatility makes it possible for almost any homeowner to find asphalt shingles that look good on their home. 

Asphalt shingles are even available in different shapes and cuts to mimic the look of cedar shakes or slate. This enables homeowners to enjoy the look of a high-end material without the additional cost or maintenance. 

4. Fire Resistant

Asphalt shingles made of fiberglass, when installed with proper underlayment, are very fire resistant. This feature is attractive to homeowners who are especially concerned with household safety. 

5. Easy to Repair

Shingles are modular, so making a repair is not hard. Cracked or curling shingles can be secured with roofing cement, and replacement shingles are easy to install if a shingle is missing.

6. Easy to Inspect

When asphalt shingles start to decline, the signs of age are obvious. For example, the granules start to fall off the shingles and into the gutters, the edges of the shingles begin to curl, and a windstorm may blow away old, cracking shingles. These signs make it easy for Homeowners to tell on their own that their roof needs to be repaired or replaced, and they can reach out to a roofing professional for help.

7. Economical

One of the most common reasons that homeowners choose asphalt shingles over other materials is affordability. Asphalt shingles are among the most inexpensive residential roofing materials available. For a homeowner on a budget, an asphalt roof provides good value at a low cost.

The cost of removing an old roof and installing an asphalt shingle roof is approximately $1.00−$4.00 per square foot. Compared to metal roofing which is around $5.50−$12.00 per square foot, or slate roofing which starts at $10.00 per square foot, asphalt shingles are very affordable.

There are many reasons this is true. Asphalt is easy to produce, easy to transport, and easy to install. Because asphalt shingles are so popular, nearly any roofer can install this material without specialized training or tools. These reasons and more help keep the cost of asphalt shingles low. 

Talk to Your Roofer About the Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

If you're a homeowner seeking a good roofing material at an affordable price, then asphalt is an excellent choice. For more information about asphalt roofing, contact your roofing company. 

At Roland's Roofing Co., we're happy to answer any questions about asphalt shingles. To find out more about this flexible and durable roofing material, give us a call today. 
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